This Dad Spent A Day In Kindergarten With His Daughter & Theae Were His Observations.

5. I’m so glad I have girls. Boys would randomly do karate chops, push each other and try to stir up trouble. Also about half of them were wearing Star Wars shirts. I asked a couple what their favorite Star Wars movie is and they all answered that they’re “not allowed to see the movies but watch the cartoons.” Interesting. I told them that when they’re older to skip the prequels and prepare for Slave Leia to make them feel funny inside. And not to get too attached to Han Solo.

6. Was fascinating to see the gender differences in action. The teacher divided them up to turn geometric shapes into animals. The girls worked together, sharing ideas and encouragement. The boys turned into cavemen, arguing and fighting, grunting and growling.

7. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld (reference #2) recess was like “running a blender without a top.” Or a prison break. Pick your metaphor. One of the boys ripped my sunglasses off and refused to give them back. 33 years old and I’m still getting bullied. I was going to tell him the truth about Santa, Tooth Fairy and Darth Vader if he didn’t give them back. ‪#‎revenge‬

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