This Dad Spent A Day In Kindergarten With His Daughter & Theae Were His Observations.

8. Post-recess, an urgent meeting was called for the entire grade. Apparently several of our “kindergarten friends” were picking up trash on the playground and putting it in their mouths. This was a deadly serious meeting, in which I had to bite my lip. Leave it to a teacher to turn a negative into a positive — she’s bringing work gloves and trash bags. “If you want to pick up trash, you can help clean up your playground instead of making your mouth dirty.” Also, hide and seek and tag have been banned until further notice because “several of our friends have been pushed and gotten hurt.” #Yolo

9. I participated in most of PE. Jumping jacks, squats, etc. Gym teacher said I was one of the few dads who’s been able to touch their toes. #Winning I did, however, have to sit out yoga. Hard to do downward dog and candle pose in jeans.

10. Teachers are really good actors. They run their classrooms like drill sergeants. I don’t want to say mean…but definitely very strict. And they have to be to keep control. But then they would turn to me to chat and would be super sweet. It was a switch they could flip on and off. Never crossed my mind that teachers are playing characters. And after spending a day in their shoes, I have the utmost respect for who anyone who dedicates their lives to molding young minds….especially kindergarteners!

Then we came home. And I immediately took a nap.

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