This Orphaned Foal Was Crying For His Mom Every Night… But Watch What Happened.

Horses are some of the world’s most graceful and majestic creatures. And even though they’re capable of amazing strength, they are also fragile in many ways.

Recently, a mare named Zindita was due to give birth to a foal. It quickly became a difficult, dangerous situation: the mama horse went into labor early, and the baby was upside down in the womb.

Staff members at the Equiception center were able to save Zindita, but the foal was sadly stillborn.
Zindita was clearly devastated by the loss of her baby. Then, a few days later, a veterinarian told the staff about another foal nearby whose mother had just died. At that moment they knew they had an opportunity to help heal two broken hearts.

The team brought the orphaned foal to Equiception and introduced her to the grieving mother. Within an hour, the two horses were inseparable.

Although mother horses don’t always accept a baby that isn’t their own, Zindita fell in love with her new little one right away.

Since then, the staff says that the two horses have continued to bond. They go outside together, and the new mother takes excellent care of the young foal.

Although they may not be related by blood, it’s clear that the love this adopted family shares is extremely powerful.
Bravo to this team of staff members for helping to turn a tragic situation into something so beautiful!
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