This Pizza Shop’s Sign About Transgender Bathrooms Is Going Viral!

As WTKR reports, the owner of this pizza shop used his sign space to express his views over the current debate about transgenders and bathrooms.
The sign says, “We have a men’s room. We have a ladies room. If this confuses you, we can help!” And it’s going viral.
As President Barack Obama uses his Justice Department to stop North Carolina’s bathroom law, he can’t be happy about this!

Photo Credtis : Wtkrcom

The owner of this shop clearly likes to annoy liberal, as they also had this sign outside too!

Photo Credtis : Wtkrcom

That’s priceless! LOL

When arguing, it’s important to use humor to make a point. Bathroom safety is essential, and there’s no reason that strange men should ever be allowed in the ladies’ restroom. Ever!

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