Top 15 Funniest Google Search Results

Google is the best search engine for a lot of reasons, it’s like that best friend you never had, who’s always there for you, and understands you no matter what condition you’re under. I was pretty surprised when I saw the search results that people got in the pictures bellow, at first I thought it was just a joke, but after testing it myself I found out that they’re actually accurate, and this is what makes Google the best ladies and gentlemen.

1. One “Alright” makes all the difference
Image via EBW

2. The third one is perfect, 10/10 would get it
Image via EBW

3. Google will help you even if you’re retarded
Image via EBW

4. Born to Lama
Image via EBW

5. What don’t you know oh almighty Google
Image via EBW

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