Touching The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue & Breathing Has A Surprising Effect

Touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue and breathing might seem strange, but it’s far from pointless.

The health benefits it can include easily outweigh the fact that you might look slightly silly doing this activity.

Image via Wikihow

The technique is easy. Simply close your mouth and breath in through your nose for a count of four. You then need to hold your breath for a count of seven and then forcefully blow the wind out of your mouth for a count of eight seconds. You’re doing it right if you’re making a “Whoosh” noise while breathing out. You need to repeat these steps for four cycles.

Everyone has trouble to sleep every now and again. This trick should easily send you right into dreamland and you don’t need anything other than your tongue and the ability to breathe. You won’t need to use any pills or any special devices. The ability to help you sleep is just the right technique.

The technique was created by Harvard-trained Dr Andrew Weil. Dr Weil describes it as a “Natural tranquilliser for the nervous system”. The technique is supposed to reduce tension and allow the body to relax and thus allowing you to finally fall asleep.

Dr Weil describes the benefits of the technique as following: “After two/three months of regular practice, there are very significant changes that happen with the physiology. This lowers heart rate and blood pressure and improves digestion”

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