Woman Stopped Shaving Her Beard & She’s Never Been Happier

Thanks to some concerted ad campaigns in the twentieth century, generations of women have grown up feeling the cultural imperative to remove their body hair. Once again, the double standard reared its ugly head as women were told that their natural bodies were unacceptable and “unsightly.” Now, even the slightest hair growth is treated as a flaw; twenty seconds into a women’s razor commercial and even a naked mole rat would start to feel self conscious about potential fuzziness. This impossibly strict standard of beauty is difficult for most women to achieve— and it puts women with ‘above average’ hair growth in a tough situation.

But one woman decided she was done with years of emotional distress and extensive hair removal— so she decided to let her natural beard grow out.
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Rose Geil, a 39-year-old from Oregon, began shaving at age thirteen when she first noticed hair growth on her face. She spent years trying to curb the excess hair growth with shaving, plucking, and eventually, the expensive and painful process of laser hair removal. As a child and young adult, she hid her hair growth as best she could— but at a cost to her personal life. She was too preoccupied with managing her hair growth to get into “girly things” with her peers, and she refused to attend sleepovers because she would wake up with stubble on her face. But eight months ago, after years of hiding and embarrassment, she decided to stop the constant and exhausting hair removal and to let her hair grow naturally.

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