Woman Stopped Shaving Her Beard & She’s Never Been Happier

Geil says the choice has been freeing, and she’s never felt better.

“Growing my beard has made me more confident,” she told Barcroft Media. “I feel pretty with my beard, and I never felt pretty before.” The change has been immeasurably good for her emotional wellbeing. “I didn’t realize the emotional impact until I was older. I just thought it was regular teen angst when I was young,” she said.
She’s received endless support and positive feedback since growing a full beard.

Her family and friends have been enthusiastic and supportive of her decision, happy to see her embracing self acceptance. Of course, she occasionally receives some extra attention in public, but her experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. “People on the street do look at me and do a double take, but their reactions are either positive or neutral,” she said. “I have had people approach me in public and wanted to meet me and shake my hand and tell me I’m brave and courageous and even an inspiration.”
The outpouring of admiration online has been…interesting, to say the least.

Geil’s Instagram has hundreds of followers— many of them men who are quick to make their affections known. “Some of them get a little carried away,” she said. “Marriage proposals, offering plane tickets to come visit, inappropriate pictures you name it.”
But, ultimately, the best part of her decision was her step towards self love and acceptance.

“It’s all about my attitude. Giving myself the freedom to be exactly who I am,” she said. “And because of that, I feel more womanly.”
You can watch the full video below:

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