Your Facebook Status Tells Alot About Your Personality!

Can you spend a single day without Facebook? Well, I have the answer, ‘NO.’

Facebook, the biggest social media platform, has become a vital part of our life, I can say it’s like the oxygen. That’s the reason, your finger tips know one thing pretty well i.e. to scroll over the Facebook Feed every alternate minute.

Here, I am not talking about Facebook wins and fails, dumbest Facebook posts ever, or any other stuff. You already have got the hint while clicking this post, let me spread the light over that!

Facebook reflects a lot about you!

Photo via Wittyfeed
You are a deep ocean of knowledge. Most often, you love to share what’s going on inside your mind and heart. You are kind and pure at heart and always wait for the best moments to happen. Your near ones find you a great source of inspiration and they adore your optimism.
Your Facebook updates are full of the quotes that express the love and emotions from inside. It depicts that you have that immense love within. You value your loved ones and near ones more than yourself. You don’t leave a single chance to express how much they mean to you.
You are self-motivated kind. You are always inspired by the one liners and you can’t resist sharing them with your near ones. You value your life and you want it to be precious.
On Facebook, you mostly want to share your opinions or views towards the trending stuff. You are an observer and firm believer of equity, equality and harmony.
Your FB wall is full of the things you are fond of. It shows you want to explore new things and always desire to expand your horizon.
All those literary lines on your wall show how much deep your consciousness goes to. You believe in yourself more than anyone in the universe.
You hardly disclose your heart.
Facebook reflects a lot about you!
You care what’s going on around you.
You use FB just to witness the social media activities. You hardly share your heart there. You are a different kind of person and want to stay unexposed. Your FB updates are seen so rarely and that too belong to the public figures.
Some people do the only thing on Facebook, i.e. posting selfies. All they want is to show their friends ‘how awesome they feel for themselves.’